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besyyyy kan =.=

Roses Are Red

a long time ago
on last school day
you handed me your book
i signed this way

*Roses are red, my love
violets are blue
sugar are sweet
but not sweet as you ( Good luck, May God bless you )

we dated through high school
and when the big day came
i wrote into your book
next to my name

*future, present and past
my love is made to last.
my affection is deep and vast
my feelings nothing can surpass.

then you went far away
and you found somethings new
you read my letter dear
and you wrote back to me

*knowing you is the best thing
to happen to me within.
you make me feel like a king.
you make my heart want to sing.
i love you.
these words i really do.

is that a little boys
they looks a lot like you
someday some girl will write
in their book too :)

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